Our Leaders


Servant Leadership Team for University of Minnesota Duluth

The students in the photograph were part of our 2019-2020 leadership team. Though not all members are pictured, all were integral to the running of Navigators operations.

The students who are a part of leadership take on rolls of Event Planners, Worship Team, Outreach, Social Media Coordinators, Nav Night Directors, Bible Study Leaders, and so much more.


Each student puts time into investing with new students in the effort to create disciples and advance the kingdom of Jesus Christ. 

Photo Left to Right

Top: Emily Monson, Andrew Resler, Adam Swanson, Isaac Harm, Cody Hanssen, Zack Ayen, Kelli Ayen, Julia Malark, Alyssa Golding, & Andrew Ernst.

Bottom: Brittany Shultz, Judah Wall, Mitch Zandoroski, Jared Tucker, Kelly Hanssen, Sheerah Gebhard, Emma Schmidt, Tori Seiberlich, Martha Jorgensen, Alisa Fenske.

Not Pictured: Zach Dean, BreAnna Rautio, Emma Kenyon, Josh Krug, Corry Breedan, Maddy Ogren, Thomas Florestano, Will Dorow, Isabel Thiner.

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